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Product type 3D sonar
Aperture 120°×120°
Frequency 145khz to 155khz
Number of beams per swath 256 beams Along track and 256 beams Across track
Single element beam opening 1.6°×1.6°
Array Steerable Symetrical dual Multibeam/No moving part
Multi-head capability up to 4 simultaneous heads managed by single interface
Modes Classic Bathymetry / Static Bathymetry / Scan
Acoustic processing presentation with navigation Realtime acoustic data fusion with navigation GIS system
3D acoustic presentation 2D and 3D acoustic presentation
Bathymetry Bathymetry from all swath. dynamic and static bathymetry
Navigation & Chart system Embedded ECS Navigation and charting system
Recording / Export RAW Data. S7k
Motion sensor embedded
Network Copper Gigabit Network (optical Fiber in option)


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